Quality Seal of Donations: Spendengütesiegel

LIGHT FOR THE WORLD is an non-profit organization in Austrian law. Spendengütesiegel is the Austrian Quality Seal of Donations.

Anticorruption & Transparency

LIGHT FOR THE WORLD uses every single Euro efficiently and to the greatest possible effect. In order to ensure transparency, integrity, and prevent corruption we have introduced an internal control system. Our Anti-Corruption Policy includes measures such as: 

  • a code of conduct
  • anti-corruption clauses in our partner contracts
  • awareness-raising and training of our staff in our own and partner organisations
  • a whistle-blowing hotline
  • an annual anti-corruption report, which is available if requested.

In addition, LIGHT FOR THE WORLD International and all its members, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom  have their accounts audited by independent external auditors. LIGHT FOR THE WORLD members have been granted quality seals in their respective countries.

LIGHT FOR THE WORLD is a non-profit organization, contributions to which are tax-deductible in Austria. Donations in Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom are tax-deductible, if transferred via the particular country's website.

Activity Report

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