Diplomatic Cup 2019 - Diplomats running for a good cause

Register today for Diplomatic Cup, organized as a part of the traditional O2 Prague Relay, part of RunCzech series.
Předávání šeku ve 2. ročníku Diplomatic Cupu

The 4th Diplomatic Cup --  a competition organized for diplomats stationed in the Czech Republic & staff members of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs -- will take place on June 26, 2019.

For the third part in a row, Light for the World is the nonprofit partner of the event. Thanks to this cooperation, part of each registration fee will be dedicated to Light for the World to help people with disabilities in the world's poorest countries.

  Total price  Your donation in Czk
DC Basic 3.300 Czk   1 cataract surgery - 800 Czk
DC Silver 4.100 Czk   2 cataract sugeries - 1.600 Czk
DC Gold 4.900 Czk   3 cataract surgeries - 2.400 Czk
DC Platinum 5.700 Czk   4 cataract surgeries - 3.200 Czk


How the registration works:

1. Please choose your level of support and fill in the simple registration form here (1 registration = 1 relay).

2. You will receive an automatically generated e-mail with your payment details (please check your spam box). The payment can be transfered in 4 parts, individually by each runner, but please use the variable symbol, provided to you, in each of the payments.

3. Charity code will be sent to you 24 hours after the last part of the payment arrives to our bank account.

4. Each runner will then apply the charity code while finishing his/her registration at www.runczech.com.

In case of any questions about the event or registration process, please contact Pavla Jirošová, jirosova [at] svetloprosvet.cz, +420 608 225 628.

Thank you to the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs and all the participants, running for a good cause!